Additives for fuels and biofuels

BIOXITEN 30 additive contains marker which permits producers of biofuel to differ their products from the other products present on the market.
BIOXITEN additive is specifically designed to upgrade biodiesel fuel containing FAME.
PETROPAK W additive is a multifunctional package for use in diesel fuels containing FAME.
PETROSOL is a specially formulated package which is designed to upgrade ecological motor gasoline meeting requirements of 3rd and 4th category of the Fourth Edition of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (September 2006).
PETROCET the cetane number improver package used for category 4 high quality diesel fuels meeting the requirements of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (September 2006).
KLARISOL additive is a multifunctional package for use in light heating oils.
PETROKLARITEN is an emulsifying cleaning fluid used for cleaning surfaces soiled with difficult to remove substances like sludge, lake or carbon deposits.
BIOFLONYL specifically designed to improve low-temperature features of biodiesel fuels (FAME). It is composition of active substances preventing crystallization of chemical compounds in FAME in low temperature.
TERMOKLARITEN multifunctional additive which prevents forming the sludge and coke in industry crude oil treatment systems or petrochemical products processing installations.