Dyes and markers for fuel

Brand names of Dyeguard® and Sudan® are recognized world wide.

John Hogg manufacture liquid solvent soluble dyes, which are sold under both of the above brands, in a choice of carrier solvents, which are suitable for use in all types of fuels, oils, greases, lubricants and waxes.

These dyes have consistent colour strength low content of insolubles, and remain fluid and pourable down to sub-zero temperatures.

Special versions of liquid dyes can be used by aerobatic display teams to produce the coloured “smoke” trails.

John Hogg is proud to have taken over the very long established Sudan® brand , with it’s durable world-wide reputation for high quality , high performance products, and now they also offer the fine powder dyes of the Sudan® range, which are used in a wide variety of industries for coloration of many different substrates.

Full range of products includes:


Liquid solvent-soluble dyes suitable for use in fuels, oils, greases, waxes, and as aerobatic smoke dyes.

SUDAN® liquid and powder Dyes

We offers Sudan® dyes, in all the primary colours, which are readily soluble in most hydrocarbon fluids, but which are insoluble in water.


We offer a range of liquid fiscal marker packages designed to meet national fuel tax legislation providing protection against fuel fraud. We also supply a range of specialist markers designed to offer brand management as well as protection against fuel adulteration and laundering.

DYEGUARD® Aerobatic Dyes

Our DYEGUARD® Air force range of dyes has been specifically designed for Aerobatic Smoke Dye applications and as such, is significantly different from our main stream dyes which are employed in the petroleum industry. They are high specification products with an excellent stability profile.

DYEGUARD® Fluorescent Dyes

Our Fluorescent Dyes are ideal for use in lubricant and hydraulic oils for easy identification and leak detection particularly in the mining industry.